We are dedicated to the promotion of positive environmental protection activities. We work together to prevent pollution, comply with all laws and continually improve our environmental practices.


Hitachi Astemo is committed to the prevention of pollution and strives for continual improvement in order to minimize impact on the environment.


Hitachi Astemo's environmental commitment is communicated to all persons working on behalf of our company.


As a responsible corporate citizen, Hitachi Astemo is committed to comply with all applicable environmental requirements.

Environmental Objective & Targets

Hitachi Astemo management will provide the framework for setting and reviewing environmental objective and targets to support ISO 14001.


Carbon Neutral 2030 (CN30) Roadmap

Hitachi Astemo is committed to the reduction of greenhouse gases by becoming Carbon Neutral. It is through this commitment that we have set our target for 2030 for all locations to offset what is emitted by reducing energy use and eliminating wasteful practices.

Initiatives for achieving a Carbon Neutral society

Targets by 2030

Achieve carbon neutrality in production lines Reduce CO2 emissions through advanced technologies

Carbon neutrality in factories

 Improve production efficiency including optimization of manufacturing sites

 Retrofit and renew equipment for energy savings

 Maximize renewable energy

Solar Power Facilities for Manufacturing Sites
Solar Power Facilities for Manufacturing Sites

Chonburi, Thailand

LED lighting
LED lighting

Tomi, Japan

Reduced CO2 emissions through advanced technologies

 Provide highly efficient electrification components

  Contribute to improved fuel economy

- Engine management technology

- Fuel economy improvement through AD/ADAS

 Weight reduction of chassis components



ESG Report 2023

ESG Report 2023

The Hitachi Astemo ESG Report 2023 presents its stance toward environmental (E), social (S), and governance (G) issues and details the activities undertaken in fiscal 2022. The Report outlines the company’s ongoing efforts to address climate change, human rights, labor standards, and corporate ethics. 

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Our Commitment

The management and associates of Hitachi Astemo Americas, Inc. are committed to the prevention of pollution, reducing waste and the consumption of resources (materials, fuel and energy). We strive to recover, recycle, reuse, reclaim and treat as opposed to disposal where feasible. It is our policy to meet or exceed the requirements of applicable federal, state and local environmental regulations, and of other environmental requirements to which Hitachi Astemo Americas, Inc. subscribes.

Our Environmental Management System incorporates, but is not limited to the following:

Objectives and Targets

Environmental objectives and targets are reviewed, adjusted and/or affirmed by top management on a regularly scheduled basis.

Regulatory Updates

We remain abreast of changes to applicable environmental regulations by regularly reviewing the Federal Register, attending seminars, monitoring World Wide Web pages maintained by regulating agencies, and by contracting update services from service providers.

Written Operational Procedures

We develop and implement written operational procedures for work processes which have the potential to cause significant environmental impact.


We provide both general and specific training to our associates on environmental protection procedures, hazardous material handling, waste disposal and recycling.


Environmental audits are conducted on designated equipment, environmental programs, and environmental procedures on a regularly scheduled basis.

Process Reviews

New processes that are introduced to our sites are reviewed for environmental impact prior to implementation.

Environmental Activities

Hitachi Astemo Americas, Inc. takes pride in the 3Rs and the amount of waste we “Reuse, Reduce & Recycle.” Along with the recycling of metals, steel, copper, plastic & cardboard, we cut paper waste as well!

Rinse Water
Cotton Gloves
Forming Rolls
Plastic Packaging
Electric consumption
Disposable Packaging
Gas Consumption
Water Usage
Oily Absorbents
Aluminum Cans
Plastic Bottles
Light Bulbs
Glass Shot Waste
Zine Shot Waste
Oil Filter
2019 Environmental Report
ASI helps create a better world

Every time empty paint cans, paint markets, batteries, filters and other items are brought to the wastewater area, they are sent out in a SAFE way and disposed of by incineration of properly recycled. We are helping to reduce the ever-growing landfills and reduce the risk of having hazardous materials where they are a risk to the environment.

In 2019, we kept out of landfills:
 7,763 pounds of chrome debris
 783,600 pounds of cardboard
 1,751 pounds of paint related waste
 16,300 pounds of plastic 6,553 pounds of electronics
 547 pounds of batteries
 6,553 pounds of electronics
 33,427 pounds of chromic acid
recycle car can

Sunbury & Blanchester, Ohio locations

ASI's Commitment To Preserve Our Environment

What we have saved by salvaging 3,564,063 lbs of metal in 2019

In 2019, we kept out of landfills:

Misc Steel

2,575,910 LBS

Mixed metsal

96,780 LBS


246,660 LBS


574,542 LBS

Unprepared steel

33,770 LBS

Prepared steel

12,859 LBS

Irony aluminum

19,980 LBS

Electric motors

1,412 LBS


2,909 LBS

Insulated copper wire

52 LBS


157 LBS


32 LBS

Salvaged steel (excluding stainless):

4,168,461 lbs.

There is about 2,400 lbs, of steel in 1 car.

We recycled 1,737 cars worth of steel in 2019.

Salvaged Aluminum:

574,542 lbs.

There is about 0.033 lbs. of aluminum in a soda pop can.

We recycled 17410,363 soda pop cans worth of aluminum in 2019.

recycle car can

Hitachi Astemo Americas, Inc. Sunbury location is registered by eagle registrations, Inc. to ISO14001:2015

Hitachi Astemo Americas, Inc. Blanchester location is registered by LLOYD's register to ISO14001:2015

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