About us

About us

We will contribute to a sustainable society and improved quality of life by providing world-leading advanced mobility solutions that satisfy our customers.

In January 2021, Hitachi Automotive Systems, Keihin, Showa, and Nissin Kogyo completed a business merger and began their journey as the global mega-supplier “Hitachi Astemo”.

Hitachi Astemo will provide advanced mobility solutions in the areas of electric powertrains for automobiles, advanced chassis, autonomous driving/advanced driver assistance systems, and systems for motorcycles.

In addition to reducing traffic accidents and traffic congestion, we aim to reduce the burden on the environment by cleaning exhaust gas and improving fuel efficiency to contribute to the realization of a society that is both people and eco-friendly.

Business Name

Hitachi Astemo

Combining the first letters of the words "Advanced Sustainable Technologies for Mobility" to form "Astemo", the new name clearly describes the mission of the integrated company: "to provide a safe, sustainable, and comfortable mobility life through technologies that contribute to an advanced and sustainable society".

Advanced Technologies (Technologies that shape the future)

Combining the strengths of the four companies, the integrated company will provide advanced mobility solutions in the CASE field that outpace the rapid changes of our era.

Sustainable Technologies (Technologies that contribute to a sustainable society)

The integrated company will develop and deploy technologies that contribute to a prosperous, safe, secure, and environmentally sound future society for our children and grandchildren.

Mobility (Contributing to a safe and comfortable mobility life)

The integrated company will contribute to a society where all people can enjoy a life supported by advanced, safe, and secure mobility in a clean environment, in a world where traffic accidents have been eliminated.

Business Brand

hitachi astemo americas

The letters in "Astemo" have been designed to convey a sense of both power and softness. Furthermore, the "A" denoting "advanced" is connected to the "S" denoting "sustainability", signifying the unification of the four companies as well as the path that Astemo will follow as a provider of advanced and sustainable mobility solutions.

Product Brands

Hitachi Astemo has a wide range of product brands, focusing on automobiles and motorcycles. Each brand is proof of the technical prowess and trust that we have cultivated over many years, and they form the foundation of our advanced mobility solutions.

Hitachi Keihin Showa Nissin Tokico Paraut Huco Chassis brakes Kitplus

Hitachi Astemo Introduction

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